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You may not have heard of, a Q&A site on the internet covering almost any topic you can think of. A lot of thoughtful people spend a lot of time crafting answers to questions on Quora, and it can be a great source of information and insight when it comes to climate change.

Quora can be an amazing resource for exploring climate change, since quite a few experts spend a lot of time answering questions there. But there are some key caveats to be aware of.

  • Quora follows the 80:20 rule, with 80% of the value of Quora being reflected in 20% of the questions and answers. So be prepared to scan through answers looking for the best ones. Note that in the Climate Web itself we’ve organized a lot of the best climate answers by leading Quora writers.

  • Quora does have a "climate denier" problem. Mixed in among a lot of thoughtful and insightful answers are plenty of "answers" intended to obfuscate the challenges posed by climate change. The climate denier problem is discussed in detail in this Quora post from top writer Michael BarnardIn this related post Barnard discusses how he recommends dealing with deniers on Quora.

  • It can be difficult in Quora to find the most relevant questions for a particular climate topic. It’s easy to search Quora, but there’s A LOT of redundancy of questions over time.

To dig further into climate change on, we’d recommend you take a look at our dedicated Climate Quora Climate Site. You’ll find hundreds of relevant Quora Q&A listed there, as well as many of the relevant Quora “homepages” for specific climate topics. You can start your exploration through those homepages.

Even our dedicated Climate Quora Climate Site doesn’t includ all of the Quora topics you can find in the Climate Web, or all of the more than 800 selected questions and answers you can find there. If you’re really motivated to take advantage of for exploring climate change, the learning curve for the Climate Web is very short! More information is available at right.

Note: It’s not easy to keep up with all the changing content on, and we’ll have to decide whether to continue to develop our Quora Climate Site to reflect that content. If you find this Micro-Site useful please let us know! Here’s a simple way to do so.